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Terms for product use.

By accepting this product, you agree that you:
- Will use the trays for the sole purpose of whitening your teeth.
- Will not use the product if you are pregnant or nursing until you have consulted with your dentist.
- Will take the impression yourself.
- Don't have loose or decayed teeth.
- Don't have loose crowns or periodontal problems (gum disease).
- Will consult with your dentist prior to use & if you experience any problems while using this product.
- Acknowledge that this will not whiten any dental work (crowns, veneers, cavities, bridges, etc.).
- Acknowledge that employees/staff of PTW are not dentists.
- Are not allergic to sodium fluoride, carbamide peroxide, glycerin,carbome, sodium hydroxide, flavor, hydrogen peroxide, ammonium, hydroxide, and silicone.
- PTW only guarantees that which is in writing (no implied guarantees) and does not guarantee against tooth sensitivity, nor against trays that don't fit due to a bad impression.
- Customer agrees that the total liability is limited to the amount of the product.


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