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Custom Mouthpieces

Teeth Whitening MouthpiecesProfessional Teeth Whitening makes the identical custom mouthpieces that dentists sell but for 1/3 the cost.

If your teeth were flat like a board, without contours and gums and you did not have saliva, a flat whitening strip or a boil & bite would work great. However, because your teeth have contours and gums and you have saliva, you need a custom mouthpiece that will hold the teeth whitener close to your teeth and not allow saliva to dilute the teeth whitener.  Whitening Strips and boil & bite that are purchased over the counter do not fit the contours of your teeth resulting in your teeth whitening unevenly and causing white spots to appear.  Also, whitening strips and boil & bites are not custom made to fit the contours of your gums allowing teeth whitener to reside on your gums causing irritation.  Due to the fact that they do not fit snuggly, whitening strips and boil & bite trays allow saliva to dilute the teeth whitener.

Professional Teeth Whitening makes custom mouthpieces that are snug and that fit the contours of your teeth.  This process begins with taking an impression of your teeth using state of tTeeth Whitening Modelshe art impression material (vinyl polisiloxane) that is not runny, does not gag you and takes an exact impression of your teeth.  With an exact impression of your teeth, Professional Teeth Whitening is able to make an identical replication of your teeth where a mouthpiece that is snug and that fits the contours of your teeth is fabricated. By fabricating a mouthpiece that is snug and fits the contours of your teeth, professional strength teeth whitener is able to stay evenly distributed on your teeth resulting in whiter teeth with less sensitivity and in a shorter time. 

Read below for more detailed explanation on making your custom mouthpieces.


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10 Steps to taking teeth whitening impressions.

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Molding teeth putty 2. Take a ball of gray putty out of the gray container and a ball of blue putty out of the blue container. With the tips of your fingers, mesh/knead them together until they become one color (do this quickly before the material begins to harden).
3. Roll the meshed putty into a 2 inch long hot dog shape and place it into the tray. Mold the putty so it's evenly distributed throughout the tray. Teeth Whitening Tray
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Taking impression of teeth. 4. In front of a mirror or a friend, place the tray in your mouth and position your upper teeth between the front two walls of the tray, making sure your front teeth don't scrape the inner wall of the tray.
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5. Once the tray is positioned, place your thumbs under the tray bottom and press the tray directly upwards as far as you can, and hold the tray steady for 90 seconds. Do not move the tray, nor talk during this time, as such motion will distort the impression.
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6. After 90 seconds, slowly pull the tray down and extract it from your mouth.
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7. Inspect the impression, making sure that it captured the tops of your front teeth past the gum line and that the impression is not distorted. If the impression isn't good, re-do steps 2 to 6 after taking an impression of your bottom teeth. To redo an impression, remove the putty from the tray and re-use the tray with a new putty mix. Teeth Impression
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8. Repeat steps 1-8 on your bottom teeth.
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Mailing teeth impressions. 9. Place both impressions in the preaddressed envelope and seal the bag. Place your personal information card into the small pouch on the outside of the pre-addressed envelope and mail it to Precision Dental Arts.
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10. Ten to fifteen days later, you will receive your custom fitted mouthpieces.

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Teeth Whitening Guarantee

Professional Teeth Whitening is so confident that you will be happy with our products that we guarantee (100% money back guarantee):
  • Your teeth will whiten up to 8 shades or more whiter.
  • We sell/sold identical teeth whitener (Opalescence, Nupro Gold, Nite White, Day White, Perfecta and Acrhomasia.), strengths (15% Carbamide Peroxide) and tooth whitening dentist sell
  • Our teeth whitening is 1/3 the cost of dentist.

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